Home Care Physiotherapy

What is Home Care Physiotherapy, and can it help me?

Home care Physiotherapy specializes in providing physiotherapy care to clients in their home! We cater to those people who cannot, or find it difficult to attend physiotherapy sessions in the clinic.  We also provide caregiver education on safe transfer techniques and proper equipment use.

People we serve can include:

  • Seniors with mobility restrictions or limitations find benefit in home physiotherapy as leaving their homes may be difficult
  • Those with neurological injuries such as those who recently have suffered strokes, head injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s etc can have a physiotherapy treatment in a familiar environment to help promote in home independence.
  • Children can have physiotherapy sessions in a non threatening comfortable environment that can utilize familiar items such as toys and games as part of their treatment sessions
  • Those with too much mobility limitations or pain to attend an outpatient clinic for physiotherapy services.

Home care physiotherapy allows one of our registered physiotherapists to visit your home to help increase your mobility and better adapt to your home environment.  This will include a complete physiotherapy assessment as well as treatment ranging from two to twelve weeks in duration.

This service is currently available in the Scarborough and Markham area of the Greater Toronto Area.

Does Home Care Physiotherapy Treatment differ from in clinic treatments?

No, in order to provide the most effective physiotherapy care, we continue to use all available clinical modalities and techniques. Based on the initial assessment, your physiotherapist will decide the best treatment plan to help you.

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