Chiropractic Care

What is chiropractic, and can it help me?

Chiropractors are regulated healthcare professionals that take a hands-on approach in treating pain and dysfunctions of muscles, joints and the nervous system.  They specialize in providing an adjustment to joints to restore alignments and movement, thereby promoting health.   SmartLife chiropractors teach you about your condition and management strategies.  Treatments may include and not limited to manual joint adjustments, Activator method, manual therapy, exercise prescription, ultrasound and electrical therapy.
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Common conditions treated by LifeSmart chiropractors:

  • Repetitive strain injuries / overuse injuries
  • Neck /back pain
  • Whiplash-associated disorders
  • Disc bulge/protrusion
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Postural dysfunction
  • Headaches

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